• Mould Map 2

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    Published by Landfill Editions.

    From the Landfill Editions website;

    “The Passed Will Never Happen.” This ambitious second book in our new narrative art and comics series sets out to create an artifact that references – but exists on an imagined tangential strand to – the known historical and projected timeline of global visual culture. 28 artists invoke images of the distant past recalled from a point in the distant future, alternate realities / alternative histories, mislaid technologies and knowledge, forgotten scientific visions, evolving visual cultures resurrecting, distorting and mutating period styles and a bewildering mix of contrasting chronological visual and sociological clues and signs in this 24 page A3 mega-book and 7 piece print set.

    Featuring all new work by Will Sweeney, Shary Boyle, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Viktor Hachmang, Karn Piana, Susumu Mukai, Travess Smalley, Raphael Garnier, Jonny Negron, Marijpol, Samara Scott, Sister Arrow, Tom Sewell, Rui Tenreiro, Will Simpson, Hugh Frost, Leon Sadler, Singeon Waters, Tristram Lansdowne, Blaise Larmee, Christopher Norris, Stefan Sadler & Panayiotis Terzis.

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