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  • Description

    "Will Sweeney takes the medieval religious imagination as manifested in the art of Bosch & Breughel as a starting point for his version of the end of the human race. Depicting the last judgment as a kind of hell on earth - a slow, intricate apocalypse, sadistic and insane, the strong preying on the weak, environmental catastrophe and religious fundamentalism spreading fear and hatred in society. With The Purposemaker Sweeney creates an allegorical drawing, similar in composition to one of Hieronymus Bosch's last judgement scenes. Shanalorm is inspired by a passage in the book The Dancers At The End of Time, by Michael Moorcock. Shanalorm represents a once sentient city far in the future, now peaceful and sleeping, the ghostly shells of decayed buildings have developed strange forms of metal mutation, and are inhabited only by bizarre creatures." 

    • A2 (420mm×594mm)
    • Digital Print on fine art archival paper
    • signed & numbered
    • Edition of 50
    • Please note this item is sold unframed 

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